Our service of provision is based on:

  1. Children and young people crime protection and prevention Start and construct a youth sport academic: Wrestling club, Football club, Basketball club, Athletics, and boxing club.
  2. Campaigning knifes and guns crime, special community youth event to promite conflict resolution, fair play and well-being.
  3. Monthly basic newsletter on sport and recreation, information and guidance, role models and mentoring opportunities, youth activities, and crime prevention
  4. Youth conference, seminars, and workshops of issues affecting young people in general: Conflict resolution between young people, drugs and alcohol, teens pregnance, bridging relation beteewn parent and children, parenting skills and development.
  5. Building relationship in between the community and young people to rebuild the imbalance caused by stereotyping.
  6. Helping young people on regain self-esteem, confidence and personal development.
  7. Outreach and sign posting services amonst children, young people and parent from the area of interest.
  • Information Services

  • Providing information, guidance, support, advice, advocacy, and counselling on various issues affecting children and youth people development:
  • - Education and employment
    - Referrals services
    - Outreach activities and befriend visit
    - Drugs and alcohol issues
    - Teens pregnancy
    - Gangs, CRB, ASBO
    - Victim support
    - One-to-one consultancy

 Conference – seminars and workshops

  • - Parenting: capacity building, awareness, and issues
    - Social responsibility
    - Conflict resolution
    - Building relationships in between:

  • Parent/carer and children and young people
    Community and children and young people
    - Re-engaging children and young people into mainstream activities
    - Improving self-esteem, confidence and personal development
    - Issues affecting children and young people progress
    - Combating disadvantage, poverty, low self-esteem and reaching full potential

Monthly basic newsletter

Sport and recreation, information and guidance, role models and mentoring opportunities, youth activities, and crime prevention.

Knifes, guns, gangs, and crime campaign

Disseminating flyers, leaflets and posters on crime issues and awareness and ways to combat crime within our community and making our community a safer place to live.

Special out-doors event: - mainly in an open park - with lives music - leaflets and banner agianst crime and bring the community together for a common reason and sharing the sense of the community.

Olympic & Pro Wrestling Training

Days:  Every Monday Evenings
Place:   Lady Well Leisure Centre,

              261Lewisham hight Street SE13 6NJ.
Time:    5:00pm - 7:00 pm
Age Group:  7years upwards

Days:  Every Friday Evenings
Place:   Foresthill School, Lewisham
Time:    5:00pm - 7:00 pm
Age Group:  7years upwards

Latest News & Events

The Lewisham wrestling club have scored some noticeable success recent month.....

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